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One of five circular economy centres funded by UKRI NICER programme, the TCC will provide research to enable the transition to a circular textiles economy for the UK SME apparel-fashion industry based on producing high value textiles from bio waste. The research programme is divided into three interconnected Research Strands: Materials Circularity,

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Research themes

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Materials Circularity

The Materials Circularity Research Strand proposes an alternative course of action with materials: one in which we solely use waste for clean and on-demand textile production in which materials in garments are designed for longevity, and in which environmental impacts are dramatically reduced.

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Circular Supply Chain

The Circular Supply Chain Design Research Strand will establish narrow, slow and closed resource flows through better tools for Circular Supply Chains. We will study which novel supply chain configurations and technologies are needed for bio-based textiles circular supply chains.

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Consumer Experience

The Consumer Experience Research Strand will establish a coupling between the resource flow and human wellbeing by building a Product Cultures Lab and a Circular CX Framework with which to design consumer experiences that engage people in interactive, meaningful, co-creative and sustainable ways.

Circular Economy Hub (CE-Hub)

Coordinating the NICER programme, the CE-Hub works with the five Centres, bringing together academics, industry, policy makers and civic society to deliver CE research and innovation. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, the CE-Hub will establish scientific evidence, tools and methods to support the implementation of a UK circular economy.

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