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Interact, experience and engage in our research

The Regenerative Fashion Hub is the on-the-high street exhibition of research conducted by the Textiles Circularity Centre on sustainable apparel-textiles.

Rich Mix, 25-47 Bethnal Green Road (Shoreditch), London, E1 6LA

  • Interact with change makers through a series of talks and discussions on important issues relating to textile circularity.  
  • Experience new ways to interact with materials and each other in the fashion system. 
  • Engage in our innovative research, and discover how you can become a change maker. Environmental sustainability is a team effort, so it is vital that people from all sections of society participate (citizen-consumers, fashion brands, retailers, materials producers and start-ups, garment repairers and upcyclers, and waste collectors). 

We are researching a new approach to fashion that cuts down on waste and pollution, and boosts economic fairness, personal fulfilment, community bonds, and environmental health. It’s all about making fashion better for people and the planet.

Designed to engage the public, industry, NGOs and government in discussion and knowledge-exchange, the Regenerative Fashion Hub will host talks, open house sessions, policy workshops, and research activities. 

The Regenerative Fashion Hub 2024 at Rich Mix London

The Regenerative Fashion Hub at Rich Mix is the culmination of our research into and development of a social production network model for a circular fashion industry. In this video, our researchers demonstrate how this model could provide an alternative to the fashion and textile industries.

Video credit: Blake Hart-Wilson


Public Open House sessions

23, 24, 28, 29 February | 11am – 7pm
1, 2, 9, 16 March |11am – 7pm
20 March | 2pm – 7pm
No need to book, just drop in!

Research studies and workshops

Consumer Experience: Augmented Reality (AR) and Bio-based Textiles Study –

27, 29 February; 6, 9, 13, 15 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

In this study, we’re using Augmented Reality to help people understand the fabrication processes of the biobased circular textiles we’ve developed at TCC. We want to see if Augmented Reality can make it easier for people to grasp the value and importance of these sustainable materials for fashion-apparel.

Workshop: Exploring novel technologies for extending the life of materials

5, 7, 12, 14 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

This research aims to investigate how novel textile technologies can extend the life of materials in textiles and apparel within the context of localised fabrication hubs.

Research study: Drivers and Barriers to Circular Supply Chains for Clothing

7, 12, 13, 14, 18, 20 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

This research aims to further our understanding of what needs to happen with regards to drivers and barriers to the development of a distributed network of circular supply chains for clothing.

Imagining a future of textile circularity – a Virtual Reality experience

6, 13 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

What will the future of textile circularity look like? At the Textiles Circularity Centre (TCC), we are finding innovative ways to engage consumers in sustainable textile choices (e.g., clothing). Our Virtual Reality prototype experience is designed to help consumers visualise how to put these concepts into practice. This event is a short research study wherein you will try out the VR experience and then be given some questionnaires asking about your experience.

Society and Citizen Policy Advocacy Workshop

8 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

We invite consumer-citizens to share their ideas for policy on sustainable fashion and clothing. The workshop will begin with a tour of our ‘Regenerative Fashion Hub’, followed by a facilitated discussion in which you can share your thoughts and ideas. Your ideas for policy on sustainable fashion will feed into professional policy research conducted by Policy Connect in collaboration with TCC that will be put in front of policy makers and made publicly available – so your views count!

‘Visions of Regrowth’ Panel Discussion

7 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

The notion of a prosperous society is closely coupled with conspicuous overconsumption of material resources, which has resulted in environmental damage and high levels of social disconnection. But has this notion actually made us feel prosperous? And is there an alternative Our panel will consider the potential for new forms of abundance, social renewal and regrowth through a circular textiles economy that is regenerative by design.

Multi-stakeholder workshop with Policy Connect

8 March 2024| Sign up via Eventbrite

Policy Connect will lead a 2 hour interactive workshop with designers and fashion brands, retailers, NGOs, public sector, materials producers and designers, and thought leaders to participate to explore government policy on sustainable fashion and clothing. The outcomes from this workshop will be made available to the public and to policy makers.

Knowledge exchange sprint with Chris Grantham (Regenovate)

19 March 2024 | Sign up via Eventbrite

As part of our work to research and design a regenerative fashion system, Chris Grantham (Regenovate) will lead a half day workshop with fashion designers, brands and retailers to explore what participatory fashion might offer customers in the retail experience through an enhanced sense of place and community, craft and co-creation and the opportunity to transform and renew their relationship with loved fashion items.

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Join our Open House session

The Regenerative Fashion Hub showcases circular bio-based textile designs, product and consumer experience designs, and alternative local economy supply chain systems based on a 'social production network'.

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