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Photo by: Ezzidin Alwan

Evening Networking Sessions

The Regenerative Fashion Hub is an exhibition showcase of bio textiles development, product and consumer experience designs that bring to life the journey of biowaste from source of waste through to the consumption of apparel; the showcase will also include a set of research studies, seminars, and ‘open house’ sessions. As part of our schedule of events, we will be hosting two evening networking sessions – so that we can provide a more bespoke visit to our research showcase, and to establish partnerships and collaborations with industry, community groups, NGOs, and local government.


The sessions will be held on the 17th and 24th November 2022.


Past event.


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Image for Join our Open House session

Join our Open House session

The Regenerative Fashion Hub showcases circular bio-based textile designs, product and consumer experience designs, and alternative local economy supply chain systems based on a 'social production network'.

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