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Collaborating with the UKRI Interdisciplinary Textiles Circularity Centre, Dr. Tao Bi focuses on designing AI agents for thoughtful clothing purchases, wardrobe management, and promoting repair awareness to contribute to a circular economy. Dr. Tao Bi's research interests lie in exploring how technology can foster self-awareness and regulation across diverse domains, including sustainable behaviors, health and fitness, and sports. His research spans conversational agents and wearable sensing, supported by proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methods. His pioneering Ph.D. research at UCL Interaction Centre delved into capturing runners' emotions through technology, introducing wearable sensing and machine learning for recognizing runners' emotional states, and establishing frameworks for self-reflective conversational agents. Outside of academia, Dr. Bi immerses himself in outdoor activities such as running, surfing, and snowboarding. Additionally, he channels his passion for sustainable cooking and culinary experimentation in the kitchen.

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