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Ricardo is a Postdoctoral researcher in human and material experiences at the Materials Science Research Centre.

As part of the UKRI Interdisciplinary Textiles Circularity Centre, Ricardo's research includes understanding the consumers' needs and developing compelling experiences that engage them to participate actively in the circular textile economy.

Ricardo holds a degree in International Relations from PUC – SP (Brazil), multimedia design from SENAC – SP (Brazil), and a master's in arts from the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz (Austria) at the Interface Culture Department. His PhD looks at methods for the ideation and development of future touch-based technologies.


Engineering Design
Smart materials

Research Interests:
Multisensory experience research and design, focusing on on-body interfaces and haptics.

Over the last years, Ricardo has produced artworks and performances that use new technologies to create novel experiences that challenge and enhance human perception. His works have been featured in museums, galleries, and art festivals.

He is the author of "Roupas Inteligentes: combinando moda e tecnologia", published in Brazil by Senac-SP Publishing company.

More details about his practice can be found at:

Social Media:
Twitter: : _ONascimento_
Instagram: @ricardoonascimento

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