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Dr. Val Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design and Creative Arts (SDCA) and Programme Lead for the User Experience and Service Design MA. She has over 25 years interdisciplinary research experience in design research and the development of Human Centred Design (HCD) methodologies, methods and tools. She specialises in methodological research at the intersection of disciplines and the development of creative co-design tools and methods for designing future technologies and services.

She is currently undertaking a part time secondment with Snook, a leading UK service design agency based in London and Glasgow where she is the Academic Lead for Learning. At Snook she is supporting client projects as a UX designer, helping develop Snooks Thriving Planet strategy and designing and delivering training courses for commercial and public sector partners, including the NHS.

She has co-authored one book, over 35 academic journal articles, and 50 conference papers.

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