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Dr Miriam Ribul is the Research Fellow in Materials Circularity for Distributed Manufacture of the Materials Science Research Centre (MSRC) at the Royal College of Art (RCA), Research Strand Lead in Materials Circularity of the Textiles Circularity Centre (TCC), RCA, and Lab Lead of the Alternative Realities with Materials (AlteR Lab) she established at the RCA. She is Co-investigator in TCC, and BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK) and BBNet (Biomass Biorefinery Network) projects.

Previously she led the Sustainable Future Materials theme of the Burberry Materials Futures Research Group, the first lab of the MSRC. Miriam holds a PhD from the University of the Arts London (Centre for Circular Design) with the London Doctoral Design Centre, and a background in Material Futures (MA, Central Saint Martins) and in textile design. Her research explores and demonstrates applicable alternative realities with materials that explore the following themes: distribution of tools and processes for accessible, viable and shared material technologies; maintenance of and caring for common resources; and nourishment of interdependent communities to empower them to build their own realities.

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