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Haseeb joined the Materials Circularity research strand of the Textiles Circularity Centre in early 2022 following his return to The University of Manchester as PDRA. Within the Robotics and Textile Composites Group, his research focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies for apparel development, exploring 3D weaving, 3D knitting, and additive manufacturing (AM) processes.

Over a five-year span in the flexible composites industry, Haseeb gained comprehensive experience in nonwoven technologies and mechanical recycling of fibrous materials. As Senior Scientist at E-Leather Ltd., he led and supported major R&D projects concerning flame-retardant aviation seating and cladding materials, and performance-footwear substrates. Previously, Haseeb completed his BSc (Hons) and PhD degrees in Textile Science & Technology at The University of Manchester in 2006 and 2010, respectively.

His PhD, an industry-led collaboration with Autoliv Inc., focussed on developing novel materials and joining techniques for automotive airbags. This study allowed him to establish a solid understanding of fabric mechanics, 3D weave structures, and textile adhesion. This collaboration continued under the EPSRC KTA programme, where Haseeb was PDRA from 2011-2015. He investigated thermo-mechanical behaviour of airbag materials. Subsequently, his role in the EPSRC CIMComp Hub involved developing multi-functional composite structures by integrating smart textiles to serve aerospace applications.

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