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Dr Alexandra Lanot is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) at the University of York. Working in the Professor Simon McQueen-Mason team, she manages projects aimed at developing lignocellulosisc material as a feedstock for biorefineries.

After completing a masters degree in chemistry, she worked at Unilever, Colworth house on rape seed oil before obtaining her PhD from Aberystwyth University studying flavonoids in Lotus corniculatus.

She has since spent her career in CNAP working on a broad range of plant cell wall projects such as lignin biosynthesis in the model species Arabidopsis and cellulose accumulation in hemp fibres.

A BBSRC Follow On Fund which developed a feedstock agnostic approach to producing bioethanol that reduces the constraints of feedstock availability and seasonality and a LB-Net BIV, gave her the opportunity to scale up her process to a litre scale and to initiate Technico Economic Analyses.

Currently, she manages several projects based on the production of bacterial cellulose from cellulosic wastes (BBSRC Super Follow On Fund, BBSRC POC and the EPSRC Textile Circularity Centre). Alexandra Lanot’s expertise lies in developing research that can be scaled-up and managing interdisciplinary projects of various sizes.

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